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“We loooooove our Rayburn”

Thanks for all your help, you both have been (and are of course) awesome!! Our Rayburn is the center piece of the house and everybody loves it and the heat (and cooking) So do we! 24 Degrees toasty warm in the house. I am having trouble leaving for work because I don’t want to go outside anymore!! Greetings from a warm house to another 🙂

Jenkins – Akaroa (Off Grid)

“The best thing we ever did!”

We installed our Rayburn last winter after many years of drolling over it as a possibility at the local A & P show. We have it for cooking, heating our hot-water and have retrofitted radiators for central heating. WOW what a difference! Not only do we have the greatest tasty meals, but the whole house is the same toasty temperature – no going down the hall to the chilly bedrooms anymore. And the power bill is less than quarter what it used to be. Investing in our Rayburn is the best thing we ever did! And thanks to Classic Cookers, we have had great after sales support with our wee hiccups along the way.

Paul and Marie Simpson – North Canterbury

“You were the best!”

Thank you for a job well done.  You were the best sub contractors for the build.

Anne – Gore Bay




“Everybody is impressed with our central heating, the towel rails, the radiators, so are we….”

We are absolutely stoked with the our RED Rayburn and the setup. Everybody is impressed with our central heating, the towel rails, the radiators, so are we. And the heat coming from them is so nice, so different, not so stuffy, just fresh and clean.

We love cooking on the Rayburn and have figured out the baking side of it as well now (more or less :-). It is just easy. And we have the kettle on the side of the warm plate, so as soon as we need hot water, just a short burst on the hot plate and its boiling!

We are still in awe about our  heater / buffer tank setup and about the handywork, Brendon & John did. Just immaculate. Our Rayburn is the heart of the living area. And thank you especially storing it for 2 years safe & insured without fees, because we couldn’t start the built as we wanted to.

Also I would like to mention, that you offer an all inclusive quote and are sticking to it. Considered to our building experiences with others that is quite special and highly appreciated.

So Brendon, Lois & John, thank you for being there for us and providing such a good service!

Kim– West Coast