Central Heating

Warm water central heating systems use water to distribute heat thoroughly and evenly around the home. Water transfers energy at a much higher rate than air, making these systems very efficient. They can be installed in new or existing homes. The heat source heats the water, then pumps it through the heat distribution system (either a network of looped pipes under the floor of the house, a system of pipes under the floor or in the walls connected to wall-mounted radiators, or a combination of the two), which then releases the heat gently into the home

Advantages of Central Heating.

  • EFFECTIVE: Warm water central heating systems heat your whole house!
  • EFFICIENT: Water transfers energy at 4x the rate of air making warm water central heating systems so much more efficient than warm air systems.
  • HEALTHY: Central heating systems improve general health and well being of the occupants.
  • SAFE: A safe option for children and the elderly because there are no naked flames or elements, and for people with respiratory or allergy problems because there is no forced air flow.
  • CONTROLLABLE: Systems are fully programmable and can be thermostatically controlled or turned off in rooms that are not being used.
  • QUIET: The systems are virtually silent.
  • CUSTOMISED: We work out the specific heating requirements of your house to achieve the best heating solution for your home.
  • FLEXIBLE: Choose from a range of different heat sources and heat distribution combinations to get the best performance and cost benefits for your lifestyle.

Classic Cookers Installation and Service

Providing the complete package

Classic Cookers provides the complete package with Hydronic Heating design, installation and servicing  in the North Canterbury, Banks Peninsula area or further afield.  We specialise in wood fired central heating

Extensive experience in central heating installation

We have a team of professional tradesmen with extensive experience in Central heating installation, restoration, reconditioning and repairs – and we also carry an extensive selection of spare parts for a variety of our stock Brands.

We do travel outside of Canterbury

We are also happy to travel outside of Canterbury for repair or restoration work.
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Food and warmth, are the two main ingredients for making a house a home

Classic Cookers can make this a reality.
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