Rayburn 212 Royal complete Brick set

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Full range of bricks available for all models full sets or individual bricks

A complete set of 8 firebricks for Rayburn Royal and 212 Cookers. These are clay refractory brick suited to the popular Rayburn Royal and 212 Cookers. This Rayburn brick set will only fit cookers where the oven is on the right as you look at the appliance.

A Rayburn 212 & Royal Firebrick Set consists of the following firebricks:

  • RHO Models Only – 8pc Full set price $667 plus freight
  • 3-53-6B (RS4F30003) Back Brick above Boiler
  • 3-54-8B (RS4F 30007)Top Sham Side
  • 50-5A (RS4F30002) Top Oven Side
  • 52-7A (RS4F30005) Middle Sham Side
  • 3-49-9B (RS4F30009) Top Front
  • 3-51-2A (RS4F30004) Bottom Sham Side
  • 3-47-3A (RS4F30001) Bottom Front
  • 3-48-4A (RS4F30000) Bottom Oven Side

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