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Product Description

The EVERHOT 120 Series offers unsurpassed flexibility in the market

The 120 offers four ovens and four hotplates, each being independently controllable for maximum versatility.
So you can have cakes in one oven, the roast vegetables in another, a joint in the third, plates warming in the fourth all at different temperatures. On the hotplates, a sauce simmering gently, peas boiling on another and loads more hotplate space to spare. As with the 60 the control boxes can be conveniently situated in adjacent kitchen units (or on the worktop).

If you are in the market for a range with four full ovens then you will recognise that EVERHOT 120 (1200mm wide) is somewhat unique.
Whilst other manufacturers fill the space behind one or two doors with controls and other equipment, the EVERHOT can provide the four ovens you are looking for behind four beautiful cast iron doors.
It also offers an unrivaled amount of hotplate space.
Once again this product is highly flexible; if you do not need all four ovens working on a day-to-day basis, simply turn off the ones you don’t need and turn them on again when required.

Fuel Type – Electric 13 amp supply. We require two 13A sockets, ideally located one on each side of the cooker

Servicing – No regular servicing is required a saving against other brands.

Background Warmth – When operated at our recommended working temperatures, the EVERHOT 120 will produce approximately 1KW of heat. It should be noted however that this heat output can be dramatically reduced by switching off parts of the cooker. It should hence be regarded as a 12 month a year solution.

Energy Consumption – The EVERHOT 120 consumes approximately 170 units of power per week when used at recommended settings*.

Cooking Area

2 x Hot plate: W225, D355mm
2 x Simmer plate: W175, D355mm
2 x Top oven: W395, H290, D490mm
2 x Bottom oven: W395, H290, D470mm

Temperature Control

Hot plate: Maximum 400°C
Simmer plate: Maximum 400°C
Top oven: Maximum 250°C
Bottom oven: Maximum 180°C

Grill: 2 x 2.5KW full width radiant grill with a 30 minute digital timer is located in the top oven.

* Recommended temperatures are normal cooking temperatures with ECO enabled between 9pm and 5am.


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