Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions asked by previous customers – If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Can they be put into town?

Each council has its own rules.  You will need to check with your local council. Generally, if you are out of clean air zone and over 2ha they are allowed. You do have the option of going for a resource consent if you are in other areas.

How many radiators can I run?

It is best to get a heat loss calculation done on the property, this takes into account your insulation windows and the average temperature outside.

From this, we can work out what is required to heat your home to 22°.

I just want to run a couple of radiators, not the whole house

This is not ideal.  What happens is that the hot air pulls the cold air through, creating draughts throughout your house.  It is best to have a radiator in each space. This is how you achieve a constant temperature throughout the home.

I want to run some radiators of the wetback fire I have

A wetback fire is only designed to heat a hot water cylinder. If you are boiling your system have you turned off your electricity to your cylinder.

If you start adding radiators on to a fire that is only designed to have a wetback it won’t run properly. It is best to purchase a fire which is designed to run radiators.

Can I run underfloor heating and radiators?

Yes, the heating engineer would work out the Kw required then specify a unit that would meet your needs.

How much wood am I going to use?

Energy in means energy out with wood fired appliances. Each situation is different new build vs older home, Hamilton vs Queenstown.

The type and quality of your fuel play a big part.